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Tracking your shipment


When you send or expect to receive shipment, the thing that most bothers you, is probably whether your shipment will arrive and when exactly this will happen. If you are using the services of post offices, there is no way to know exactly when the package will arrive or whether it will arrive at all. However, if you have trusted a courier company, most of them, and perhaps all, of their websites have an option on their websites to track the shipment. Thanks to it, at any time you can check where your package is.

To be able to track your shipment, you must have a bill of lading number. Bill of lading is a document which describes the goods being transported. The bill of lading must contain the names and address of the consignor, consignee and carrier. Also, this document describes the place and date of acceptance, place of delivery, type of cargo and packaging, weight of the shipment, number of packets, place and date of the document and others. Bill of lading is a document accompanying the goods transported, and you'll get its number at the time of sending your shipment. It is through this number that you can track your shipments on the website of the courier company. It is only enough to open the website of the courier and enter the number of the consignment in the designated area. Thus, you may at any time see where your package is.

If you expect to receive a packet, you can request the bill of lading number from its sender, and in this way track your shipment, or the sender can track this and let you know where it is now.

The service of shipment tracking is extremely useful because you'll always know how far your package has gone. However, if you send a package by mail, there is no such service and you will not be aware. This means that it is highly likely that you will not receive your package, or if you are the sender, your shipment will not arrive to the recipient.

In addition to tracking the shipment, the services of courier companies have many advantages compared to those of Post offices. Using courier services, you can order a courier who comes to the address specified by you and take your shipment. However, if you send by mail, you will need to go to a post office to send a parcel. The courier will deliver the package to the door of the recipient, whereas if the consignment is released by post, the final recipient will receive an invitation with which to go and take the package from the post office. Here is another proof that courier services are more comfortable not only for the sender but also for the recipient.

Another advantage of courier companies is faster delivery of consignments. The Post uses trains, buses and other means of public transportation to deliver items to the recipients. Courier companies, however, have their own vehicles, where they load the items and deliver them directly to their recipients. This, besides making delivery faster, reduces the risk of loss of the consignment to a minimum.

For all these reasons, nowadays, more and more people begin to use courier services instead of those of the posts.

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