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Forwarding a shipment by courier 

Probably you all know what courier services are like, and at least once in your lives you have used them. No matter if you were a sender or a recipient. You know that courier services are similar to those offered by post offices, but with courier companies things happen faster, more safely and more convenient.

It is faster because post offices use the means of public transport, such as trains, buses, etc. With the help of these letters and parcels reach the village or town of the recipient, from there they go to the post office, and only then, an employee of the post office distributes them and delivers them to the addresses. However, this takes time, and often consignments are delayed. Courier companies, however, have their own vehicles to transport consignments to their final recipients. This saves time and makes courier services preferred to those of the Post.


When transporting the consignment by means of public transport, there is a risk of loss or damage to the contents of the package. In courier companies, however, these risks are minimized, they even do not exist.


To send something by mail, you have to visit a post office and submit your shipment. When it is in the village or town of the recipient, the latter receives a receipt from the post office and has to go to take it (if shipment is a package). If we talk about a letter, then an employee of the post office will take it to the recipient's address. It is often the case, however, that registered letters return to sender because when postal employee went to the address of the recipient, there was no one to accept the letter. With courier companies, things are different. No matter what you send whether a letter or a package, on submission, you will give your telephone number to contact the recipient. So, when the courier is already close to the address of the recipient he will ring the latter and they both will agree on when, how and where to accept the consignment. If currently the recipient is not at the address, the carrier will offer another place and time for delivery of the consignment. Thus, consignments sent via courier companies always reach their destination.


Here for example, if someone has sent you an important letter by mail, and it was not placed registered or with recorded delivery, the postal employee will leave it in your mailbox. Yes, but neighborhood children can open the box and take your letter away. However, if the letter has been sent by courier, it will be delivered personally in hand by an officer of the company. Thus, the risk of loss of the letter does not exist. When expecting a package, a receipt will be left in your mailbox. It can have the same fate as the letter, and you may not even realize that someone has sent you a package. However, if the package is sent by courier, then an employee of the company will contact you and specify when and where it is most convenient for you to get your shipment. It will be delivered in person, which means that there is no risk of not receiving it.


Now you understand how much easier, more convenient, faster and more secure it is to send your letters and packages by courier companies.

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