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Development of courier services in Bulgaria

Not once have we said that the number of courier companies in Bulgaria increases with each passing day. This is due to the fact that more and more consumers look for such services, and enterprising people register such companies and start exercising courier activities, because the existing courier companies currently cannot handle all requests. It is quite another issue that not everyone trusts the new company, which has recently been registered and for which no information is available. To a certain extent, people are right, because nowadays there are many frequent attempts of fraud under different schemes, and consumers are worried if the company be just such a fraudulent scheme. Many times have we said that before you trust a particular company, you should do some research on it. How should you proceed, however, if you don’t find other people's opinions about the selected company?

If you come upon a courier company, which you did not find any information about, that does not mean that the company is not correct. Just maybe it is new and still no comments from other users have appeared about it. In such cases, you can check whether the company really exists. The site of the company must contain information about it - name, address, phone, UIC, etc. Having found a UIC or a company name, you can refer to the commercial register, whether the company is properly registered under applicable law. This does not mean 100% that the company is correct, but it is some kind of guarantee that at least it is registered and existing, not a phantom that has never been entered. Such a reference by name or UIC can be done on the internet through the website of the Commercial Register. But enough with investigation and reference.

Let's see why the courier business in Bulgaria is one of the fastest growing fields. As we have said, more and more people seek the services of courier companies. This is because our daily lives are too busy and tense, and we do not always have time to go to a relative or partner and to hand something (documents or anything else) that they urgently need. In such cases, the solutions are a few – we delay transmission of documents for another day when we are free, send them by post or look for a courier company through which to send them. The last option is most appropriate, especially in the case of an emergency. First, because sending anything by courier is faster - if you wish, you can choose an express service, and thus the shipment will be with the recipient in the shortest possible time. Second, because it is safer - the risk of loss of the consignment is almost non-existent, and third, courier services offer convenience which is lacking in the other two options - if you want, you can order a courier who will come to you to take shipment, and you will continue to perform other duties without having to go somewhere to send or hand over your shipment. Moreover, courier services have become an indispensable part of any business - when you need to send important documents to your business partner but do not have time to go and hand them personally courier services are your solution again.

There are several other reasons that make the courier business in Bulgaria a fast growing field, but I think we have pointed out the most important, and so I will stop here.

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