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ABOUT US фирма за куриерски услуги
2005 The Beginning


In 2005 the company expanded its activities in Sofia. We specialize only in super-express, direct urban delivery and this allows for maximum concentration on the segment, a wide variety of services and optimum satisfaction to the most demanding customers.





Already for a year Direct Company has taken care of the success of its customers. You can see some of them in the "Clients" section on our website. You can become part of them too...





In October, 2007 Direct celebrated its second anniversary since its founding. For a short time it managed to establish itself as one of the leading courier companies on the territory of the city of Sofia, specializing entirely in express and direct deliveries. Our team relies on proper and adequate attitude to customers, ensuring absolute security of shipments (no lost, damaged or destroyed items). We deliver your shipment safely to the right place and at a precise moment. With Direct everything is under control. The company started its activities in 2000 in Austria, as a company subcontractor in the leading companies in the industry DPD, Austria and Velloce, Vienna, where it gained the necessary experience and knowledge for future success.



2008 was a successful year for the company with a continuing rise and recruit of new customers. An innovative IT technology was successfully introduced to control and distribute consignments, which guaranteed high-quality services.




In 2010 Direct was already 5 years old. We celebrated our anniversary, having experienced an economic recovery and a global financial crisis. Overcoming all this and the fact that we continue forward without serious difficulties, give us the courage for a long and successful future of the company.

Now we can proudly claim that we are a trustworthy and reliable partner for our clients.

2015 - Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Direct

This is not just an anniversary but a border we passed and which guarantees our quality and professionalism. Since the beginning of our founding we have been proud of our satisfied customers, who have been loyal to us already for 10 years. We are delighted by our new customers who are just discovering us and declare their satisfaction.


We lived to see us imitated ... either our name or our services ...


Feeling somewhat surprised, somewhat mocking, and even with some sports malice we have found out that we don’t only struggle with competitors standing boldly for their names and ideas. Imitators devoid of content started copying our name verbatim, while others copy our services... Well, they apparently saw something positive in us and that is why they want to imitate us. We shall live and see.  

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