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Fixed hour + 2,40 BGN

Fixed time for pick up or delivery - interval of 30 minutes.

Priority +2,40 BGN

Other requirements for delivery outside standard extra payment

Stay of the courier

Stay of the courier over 10 minutes will be charged 1Bulgarian lev, VAT excluded, for every 5 minutesr


Cash on delivery  + 4,80 BGN

COD is returned on the same business day for shipment ordered until 12:00 and at the latest on the next business day for shipment ordered after 12:00.

Delivery receipt + 4,80 BGN

Return of original receipt with original name and signature of the recipient within 24 hours.

Reverse course + 100%

Shipment returned to the sender with COD, stamped documents, delivery receipt, packing slip, and others.


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