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Same day couriers in Sofia

Delivery of extremely urgent shipments into Sofia within an hour.

  • You can delegate shipments as well as tasks to us. Optimize your time!

  • Performing delegated tasks as part of the business processes in your company.

  • Delivery of bouquets of flowers, baskets of flowers, or gifts and shipments requiring special attention.

  • Delivery and validation of invoices, temporization on the spot while the latter have been processed and return of the notarized copies within the same day.

  • Submitting any kinds of documents to different instances, temporization while the former have been processed , and taking incoming numbers, advice of delivery, statements of receipt, etc.

Each shipment will be delivered to the receiver in person, by the courier responsible for the shipment, and the latter will not be forwarded to other couriers. This in turn will guarantee a high level of security and confidentiality of the service. Shipments will be delivered necessarily  in return  for the receiver’s name and signature.

We are aware of the fact that each client needs individual decisions and our aim is to perform the tasks according to your requirements. We offer only  express and professional courier services.


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