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       1. Determine the category of the shipment by choosing any of the four categories.

LETTER - A small consignment to 1 kg.  
MINI PACKAGE - Weight: up to 5 kg, Roll up to 60 cm, Size 60x20x20  
PACKAGE - up to 20 kg, 1.5 m, portable  
MAXI PACKAGE - up to 50 kg, 2 m. maximum weight of 31.5 kg per 1 package. 

        2. Determine the addresses of the pickup and delivery, in which zone they fall. The zones are defined in accordance with the residential quarters in Sofia, each quarter falls within the defined area.

        3. Open the table LETTER, MINI PACKAGE, PACKAGE or MAXI PACKAGE, according to what the shipment is like. Detect the numbers of areas for pickup and delivery. 

For convenience you can calculate its price using the following calculator:

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