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Courier services – prices and quality

Do you know that with each passing day, the number of courier companies is increasing? This is due to the fact that more and more people start to look for and use the services of such companies. But what is the reason for people to prefer courier companies to post offices? After all the services offered are similar, and besides couriers prices are higher than those of Posts?! What makes people choose couriers to Posts?

Now we are going to make a comparison between the services offered by couriers and services offered by post offices. When you send something by mail, you must go to a post office to send it. There shipments are distributed according to regions, place of residence, etc. Then, they are sent by train, bus or other means of public transport to the location of the recipient. An employee of the local post office takes the items to the central post office. From there they are distributed in neighborhoods and transported to neighborhood post offices. Only then does the postman begin to deliver them to the particular addresses. If you have sent a regular letter, it will be placed in the recipient's mailbox. However, if the letter is important and has been sent by registered post with acknowledgment of receipt, the recipient must sign the receipt, and only then can take the letter. Often in such cases, the letters returns to the sender because the postman found nobody at the recipient's address, and therefore the receipt was not signed. If you have posted a package the recipient will receive an invitation to go to the post office and take it.

However, if you use courier services, the transfer of consignments, whether it's a letter or package is done face to face. The courier will contact the recipient and will arrange with the latter when and where to meet if the recipient was not at the address, in order to get their shipment. Thus, the return of the shipment to the sender, because of not finding someone at the appointed address is not an option at all. Moreover, courier companies have their own vehicles to transport consignments to their recipients. This, in addition to reducing the risk of loss of the consignment, facilitates its delivery. The courier loads the shipments in a car and transports them to the doors of recipients, thus avoiding the chores of transferring from one vehicle to another. On the other hand, they are not dependent on the schedule of public transport vehicles, etc.

The method of operation of courier companies is faster, safer and more convenient. The transport of consignments in their own vehicles makes deliveries faster and reduces the risk of losing them to a minimum. And there’s more to that - it is not necessary to go out of your home or office in order to send or receive a shipment by courier,  because an employee of the company will come to your address to pick up the consignment and deliver it to the recipient's address. Using courier services, you will save yourself a lot of time and nerves, and the shipment will be delivered to its recipient on time, while you safely keep doing other duties.

The prices of courier services are slightly higher than those of the Post Office, but the quality of service is worth every penny. More and more people prefer to pay a little more, but make sure that the delivery will arrive to its recipient at the right time and not worry that it might be lag behind somewhere along the way.

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