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International courier services


Already dozens of times we have spoken about courier services and companies that offer such services, about the cost and quality of services, etc. And in all those topics we focus on courier services within the village or town, or within the country. But now I want to look at courier services abroad, and what we need to know when choosing a courier company. Probably not all, but most of the courier companies offer their services abroad too. This means that you can send different things to someone who is located outside Bulgaria. Before courier companies began to offer these services, it was only possible to do this by post. The services offered by post offices are similar to those of courier companies, but with postal service a shipment reaches the recipient after quite a long period of time and does not prove to be as convenient as courier services because you need to visit a post office in order to send packages. Furthermore, there is a risk of the package not reaching the recipient, especially when it comes to shipment abroad. This is due to the fact that Posts use means of public transport, and delivery of packages overseas is associated with many transfers from one vehicle to another. It is exactly during these transfers that your shipment may drop out somewhere or be forgotten in any of the vehicles. Courier companies possess their own transport and their employees personally take care of the transportation of the shipment to the recipient. When it comes to shipments overseas, if the selected firm does not have an office in the country to which you want to send, it will have signed a contract with a local courier company which will deal with the shipments after their arrive in the country. This reduces the risk of not receiving the shipment to a minimum.

Additionally, if you wish you can visit the office of the courier to send your consignment, but if you do not have free time, you can request a courier who will visit you at a convenient time and will take the package. The recipient can also take your shipment from the courier office, or receive it a specified address at a convenient time. Handing the shipment is necessarily in person, no matter if it will be sent and received in an office or from address to address. Of course, the second option saves time both to you as the sender and the recipient.

When choosing a courier company, especially when it comes to sending abroad it is very important to do little "research" of the selected courier company. This research consists of seeking information from other users. The easiest way to obtain the required information is by typing the name of the selected company in an Internet search engine such as Google. From the results you will see, you must select a site (a forum) where people who have trusted a company, shared their opinion about it, if they are satisfied with the service, or if the quality justifies the price, etc. Another option is to ask an acquaintance of yours who you are certain has sent things to people abroad. They will tell you which company they used, whether they are satisfied with the services of the particular company, etc. This will greatly facilitate your choice of a courier company abroad.

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